Olive Oil is More than Skin Deep

Known the world over for its many heart health benefits olive oil does more than just flavor dishes like your favorite package of brownies to our own test kitchen recipe for Zucchini Carrot Muffins. It also happens to be the best beauty product you can’t live without. From head to toe, it’s a natural organic moisturizer minus the harsh chemicals. In ancient Greece, olive oil was used in massage therapy to relieve muscle strain, and the Egyptians used it as a cleanser and antiseptic. Here we found some clever ways to easily use olive oil as part of your beauty regimen.

As winter clutches us once again in its pervasive polar vortex, our skin is screaming for moisture. Some of the ways in which we can moisturize our skin in preparation is by using olive oil. Packed with vitamin E, olive oil applied directly to the skin can rejuvenate dry, scaly skin with a swipe. It also contains linoleic acid, which naturally prevents moisture from escaping; perfect for the brutal Northeastern Winters. For really red and irritated skin, try a couple of tablespoons of olive oil in your next bath with a teaspoon of essential lavender oil for relaxation.

Paired with sea salt or sugar, you now have an organic exfoliate that will leave your face smooth and glowing. Just combine olive oil with sea salt or sugar to the consistency of a scrub, apply and then rinse thoroughly. If you’ve tried make-up removers and found them too harsh, or worse, tug and pull on the delicate eye area, try just a dab of olive oil on a cotton swab( a little goes a long way) and wipe traces of makeup smoothly away.
If your nails are taking a beating this winter, try using olive oil instead of cuticle cream. No need to deal with thin brittle nails and overly dried cuticles during the winter months. Whether it’s before a manicure or just a quick moisturizer for your cuticles, olive oil can soothe and soften your cuticles, and strengthen your nails. If you have stains on your nail beds, try a mixture of olive oil with a few drops of salt and then sit a minute for a nice soak.

Nothing gets more attention than your hands. This time of year has many of us sporting hands that are cracked or severely red and scaling. Nurses are especially prone to this problem because of the frequency with which they wash their hands. But a neat overnight trick can keep your hands soft and supple. Simply apply olive oil liberally to your hands, and then place cotton gloves on overnight. The same can be done to cracked heels as well. Massage olive oil into the heels and dry areas of your feet, then put on thin cotton socks to wake up to softness in the morning.

But it doesn’t stop with your nails or toes. This amazing beauty oil is perhaps the only natural lipid most similar in chemical composition to our own sebum, the oil your skin’s sebaceous glands naturally secret to prevent both your skin and hair from drying out. If you’re tired of hair conditioning treatments that leave your hair flat and lifeless, try a monthly olive oil conditioner made from your kitchen. Gently heat 2 Tablespoons to ¼ cup olive oil depending upon the length of your hair, till it’s warm, not hot. Then massage it into your hair and wait 10 minutes before shampooing. The shine will be incredible and those dry brittle ends will disappear. Once you incorporate olive oil into your daily skin care regimen, you’ll understand first hand its unique penetrating and absorption abilities makes it the perfect moisturizer for all skin types.

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