Get a Greener Home with Olive Oil

Want a greener home for 2014, than look no further than your kitchen pantry for greener home cleaning with olive oil. From the hills of Greece to our own domestic shores, olive orchards are cropping up around the globe. And there is good reason for it, not only do olive oils offer great health benefits, but olive oil also happens to be very useful around the house. From a lubricant to cleaning cast iron pans, it’s not just for dipping anymore.

If your spring cleaning includes a long honey-do list of various housekeeping items, don’t forget the power that olive oil packs when you need a job done right. You know that squeaky door that just won’t stop, well don’t run to the hardware store just yet. A couple of drops of olive oil into the hinges will provide enough lubricant to keep them working smoothly. Used sparingly on a cotton swab, stuck zippers move effortlessly.

While furniture polish in aerosol cans might be your traditional go-to cleaner, you might want to give olive oil a second look. Nothing beats the shine and rejuvenation it brings to older rattan or wicker furniture. Gently heat some olive oil to warm, and then sparingly apply it to a soft cloth and rub it into the furniture. Not only will it revive its appearance, but it can also prevent the rattan or wicker from cracking. Stainless steel seems to be everywhere these days, and so are the fingerprints! If your appliances need new luster, try a little on a soft cloth and then use another soft cloth to buff away those prints and spills. If you have tarnished copper or brass items that need a polish, applying just a little olive oil on its surfaces can keep tarnish from reoccurring.

It may seem that olive oil is the perfect buffing agent, but it’s also tough enough to help with major paint jobs around the house. Whether those walls need a new coat inside or outside, olive oil is the perfect paint remover from hands, face and even under those nails. Not only will the paint come right off but your hands will be nice and soft.

Just about everyone has purchased a bottle of Goo-Gone at one time or another. This agent helps remove stickers regardless of their age from leather, plastic even wood. But if you’re looking for something a little more organic, give olive oil a try. Just dab a bit of it, with a clean cloth, on a sticker or label. Give it a few minutes to soak in and the sticker; glue and all, will come right off. No scraping with fingernails or other sharp objects that just end up damaging the object or leaving sticky residue behind.

Have you ever gotten out of your car at some mall only to step in some bubble gum that’s magically seared to the sole of your shoes? Or maybe your child’s been the victim of a school prank and comes home with bubble gum stuck in their hair. Ice has been recommended to harden that pink mass for removal, but that usually ends up in a wet, drippy mess. The next time this happens, just apply a little olive oil to the gum, and leave it on for five to 10 minutes. The nasty piece of gum should slide out smoothly.

Unexpected power outages happen whether its winter or summer. If you find you’re out of candles or batteries, olive oil will do in a pinch. Grab that all-essential elixir and pour enough into a jar that will support a standing wick. If you still happen to have the lid that‘ll help too. Place the wick in the olive oil,and then just poke a hole in the lid to snake the wick through. Twist the lid on, and then light the end of your new, D-I-Y oil lamp.

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