Fused and Infused EVOOs

When it comes to flavored olive oils, there are traditionally two types: fused and infused. While both processes yield a product that will add flavor to any dish, it’s always helpful to understand how the flavoring occurs.

Fused olive oils, commonly known as agrumato in Italy, are produced by combining fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables with whole olives at the time of crushing. This simultaneous crushing allows for essential oils and flavors from the fruits, herbs or vegetables to be combined, or fused with the oil from the olives, thus producing a rich and flavorful olive oil.

Infused olive oils are produced by adding flavors to the olive oil after it has been made. At Bella Oliva Taproom, we proudly feature a wide selection of infused oils that are made only in small batches, combining only 100% natural flavors, with the finest oils.

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