Specialty Oils

Roasted Walnut Oil

Our handcrafted Walnut Oil is made in Saumur, France, strictly following 150 year-old traditional methods. Walnuts are slowly roasted to perfection, then expeller-pressed and lightly filtered. Our Roasted French Walnut Oil adds a rich walnut taste to salad dressing, pasta, grilled meat, and fresh baked pastries. Combine with equal amounts of our Red Apple or Blackberry-Ginger Balsamic Vinegars for an unforgettable vinaigrette!

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Japanese Roasted Sesame Oil

Our Japanese dark sesame oil is roasted slow and low, and then pressed in small batches. It has tremendous depth of rich, nutty flavor and an amazing mouth-feel. One of the most flavorful and fragrant oils in the world! Roast your vegetables or stir fry to your heart’s content. Makes a fantastic vinaigrette when paired with our Honey Ginger White Balsamic Condimento.

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White Truffle EVOO

Artisan-made in Italy by steeping white truffles in premium extra virgin olive oil without the use of any extracts, this oil is for the connoisseur. Smooth and buttery with garlic notes and an unmistakably intense white truffle flavor, this oil makes any Mediterranean-inspired dish decadent. Try it with risotto, roasted potatoes, steak or even eggs. For a special treat, drizzle over popcorn!

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Roasted Almond Oil

Our California Roasted Almond Oil is expeller pressed and lightly filtered with a deep, rich roasted almond flavor. With a high smoke point, there isn’t much that you can’t do with this fantastic oil. Consider making tea cakes, banana bread, a dipping oil, sautéing string beans, or in Asian inspired dishes.

Notes: Great for sautéing, drizzling, baking, dipping and in vinaigrettes. Pair with the raspberry balsamic, Sicilian lemon white balsamic, blueberry balsamic, or pomegranate balsamic, for an amazing vinaigrette.

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