Replacing Butter with Olive Oil

At Bella Oliva we often get asked about using our extra virgin olive oils in place of butter for cooking and baking. Those seeking a diet lower in cholesterol, having less saturated fat or using only vegetarian ingredients will find substituting olive oil for butter is an easy and healthy alternative.For frying and sautéing, our extra virgin olive oils can replace butter at a 1 to 1 ratio. In fact, with our fused and infused extra virgin olive oils, you will discover many new ways to introduce new flavors in your cooking.
For example, have you ever tried  Garlic EVOO or Cilantro & Roasted Onion EVOO in a stir fry or scrambled eggs? The next time you tear into a loaf of fresh bread try replacing the butter dish with a selection of extra virgin olive oils for a delicious dipping experience. Baking with olive oil in place of butter has been around for centuries, especially in Mediterranean cooking. Given that measurements for baking are a bit more critical, we have provided you with this conversion chart to help with your substitutions. You will find the consistency is even better than butter lending a smooth creaminess to your baked goods.