Mediterranean Diet With Extra Olive Oil May Lower Breast Cancer Risk

By now, surely you’ve heard of the Mediterranean diet. It’s a pattern of eating that emphasizes fish, nuts, legumes, fruits, vegetables and olive oil — lots of olive oil. The evidence of its benefits has been piling up. For instance, a 2013 study in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that the diet can protect against heart disease. Another study published earlier this year revealed it can help fend off memory loss. Now, researchers say that eating a Mediterranean diet supplemented with four tablespoons per day of extra-virgin olive oil reduces the risk of breast cancer. “We found a strong reduction in the risk of breast cancer,” says Miguel Martinez Gonzalez, an author of the study and a leading   Continue Reading >>

A Refreshing Addition to Summertime Drinks: Cocktail Ideas from Bella Oliva Taproom

Summer has officially arrived, and we have some great cocktail ideas at Bella Oliva Taproom to keep you cool as temperatures rise. An exciting new trend in stylish bars and restaurants around the country is to include a splash of vinegar in fruity cocktail creations. Why vinegar, you ask? Vinegar provides a distinctly tangy bite that balances perfectly with the sweetness of fresh fruit. Vinegar quenches thirst, cleanses the palate and is very refreshing. While it may seem like a radical new idea to add vinegar to drinks, it’s actually a trend that first became popular in the Colonial era when refrigeration wasn’t readily available. Berries and fruits had such a short shelf after harvest that people used vinegar as   Continue Reading >>

Get a Greener Home with Olive Oil

Want a greener home for 2014, than look no further than your kitchen pantry for greener home cleaning with olive oil. From the hills of Greece to our own domestic shores, olive orchards are cropping up around the globe. And there is good reason for it, not only do olive oils offer great health benefits, but olive oil also happens to be very useful around the house. From a lubricant to cleaning cast iron pans, it’s not just for dipping anymore. If your spring cleaning includes a long honey-do list of various housekeeping items, don’t forget the power that olive oil packs when you need a job done right. You know that squeaky door that just won’t stop, well don’t   Continue Reading >>

Olive Oil is More than Skin Deep

Known the world over for its many heart health benefits olive oil does more than just flavor dishes like your favorite package of brownies to our own test kitchen recipe for Zucchini Carrot Muffins. It also happens to be the best beauty product you can’t live without. From head to toe, it’s a natural organic moisturizer minus the harsh chemicals. In ancient Greece, olive oil was used in massage therapy to relieve muscle strain, and the Egyptians used it as a cleanser and antiseptic. Here we found some clever ways to easily use olive oil as part of your beauty regimen. As winter clutches us once again in its pervasive polar vortex, our skin is screaming for moisture. Some of   Continue Reading >>

Baking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a healthy alternative to butter – at Bella Oliva Taproom

The holidays are just around the corner. The smell of freshly baked cookies, muffins, and pies will soon fill our homes….. as well as our bellies! Did you know that in any recipe that calls for butter you can substitute EVOO in its place? Use our Conversion Chart to see how to make the substitution for a healthier baking option. You can also substitute EVOO in any recipe that calls for vegetable oil, canola oil or other oils. Just use the same amount the recipe recommends. One of our more popular recipes has been our brownies made with our Fused Blood Orange EVOO. Using the Fused Blood Orange EVOO transforms an ordinary brownie into something special….. always a crowd pleaser!   Continue Reading >>

Why We Sip….Not Dip

If you’ve been to Bella Oliva Taproom, you will have noticed that there isn’t any bread. Who doesn’t love a scrumptious piece of fluffy italian bread dipped in oil….right? Well, besides the fact that we would eat it all day long, tasting the oil in it purest form is the best way to experience freshness and quality of the oil. So that being said there are ways to do the sipping and tasting … First, get a small vessel(we supply handy little plastic cups). Take a good whiff of the aroma or “nose” of the olive oil. You will notice many different scents or flavors. For extra virgin olive oil, you may notice fresh-cut grass, cinnamon, tropical fruits or other   Continue Reading >>

From Subtle to Bursting with Flavor. A Delightfully Tasteful Experience

There’s a burst of excitement in Wayne – a flavor burst! Bella Oliva Taproom is a locally-owned and operated olive oil and vinegar tasting store now open next to the Anthony Wayne Theater on Lancaster Avenue in the heart of Wayne. Bella Oliva offers a ‘try before you buy’ experience with over 50 varieties of the finest imported extra virgin olive oils and all-natural aged balsamic vinegars. Each oil and vinegar isstored in its own Italian fusti (those shiny silver containers!), preserving the highest level of quality, flavor, and antioxidants. Our olive oils will take your taste buds to an entirely new level, especially when combined with whole fresh lemons, blood oranges, basil leaves, and more. Bella Oliva’s white and   Continue Reading >>